Raspberry Styled Photoshoot

I cannot say enough amazing things about this beautiful styled photo shoot and all the wonderful Vendors who collaborated to make it a success!  Although it was probably the equivalent work of planning a mini wedding (minus the food and drinks), it was well worth it and we all had so much fun on site at the Art museum! (there might have been mimosas involved)

bride on couch.jpg

My main objective with this shoot was to show couples that you don't have to be afraid of using pink in the Fall and colder months.  I know, surprise, surprise... I have a bit of an obsession with the color. So many of my brides fall into the trap of feeling like they need to go with the typical Fall colors of burgundy, orange, yellow, etc.  Well, I'm telling you here and now that you absolutely DO NOT! While those colors are absolutely lovely, I have so many brides that have a fondness for pink like I do (and not just blush).  This styled shoot shows some ways you can incorporate pops of the brighter pink (or raspberry color) into a Fall or Winter wedding without making it feel like you're trying to make it summer....

pink details 8.jpg

The very talented Vessel Floral suggested adding the pops of black.  At first, I'll be honest, I was a little weary..... you don't see a lot of black at weddings and it's certainly not a color that screams "bridal".  But, it TOTALLY worked! (of course it did, because they know what they're talking about when it comes to design).  Although this is a bold color choice, it's an excellent way to help darken the pops of pink and instantly makes you feel like it's a colder month and not Spring or Summer.

sweetheart table.jpg

Can we also just say how stunning this cake is?!  Jan Kish with La Petit Fleur sure knows how to WOW your guests with a beautiful cake!  I am really embracing this black cake trend....

dessert display with cake.jpg

You don't have to decide between a traditional wedding cake or mini desserts: DO BOTH PEOPLE! There are so many beautiful ways to display desserts that can really enhance the decor of your wedding.  Take these adorable terrariums from Aiden & Grace for example.... they are some really unique ways to display your desserts other than traditional trays and platters.

pink details 13.jpg

Christy with the Paper Vow, designed our signage and invitations.  These beautiful paper products really tied everything together.  In my opionin, you cannot have enough signage at a wedding.  Guests need diretion and like to know what they're looking at.  It's also a great way to add pops of your color and decor to the day.

black details 4.jpg

I could go on for days about this shoot but I'll leave you with some final images and the list of Vendors I collaborated with:

back of dress.jpg
bride with veil.jpg


Venue: Columbus Museum of Art

Dresses, shoes, hair piece, earrings, veils: La Jeune Marie

Floral Design: Vessel Floral Design

Hair: Claire O'Toole

Makeup: Columbus Bridal Makeup

Photography: 614 Wedding Photography

Pipe & Drape: Party Pleasers

Cake and cupcakes: La Petit Fleur

Stationary and signage: The Paper Vow

Linens and table settings: Event Source

Cake stands and love seats: Aiden & Grace